• “I was able to receive treatment from the comfort of my home, it was lovely to feel welcomed and motivated to help myself.”

    Virtual Service User

Virtual Services

Simple techniques and courses you can do from the comfort of your own home

What can the Virtual Service help with?

You can do one of our online Mindfulness courses or Yoga classes to help with relaxation and wellbeing. We also offer one to one sessions with our therapists who will discuss how you are coping, and they will teach you simple techniques that you can do at home to help with symptoms such as:  

Pain, Anxiety, Hot Flushes, Fatigue, Sleeplessness  


What treatments are available through the virtual service? 

You can book appointments with an acupuncturist. They will use their expertise to give you practical demonstrations of how to use simple acupressure points that can help with your wellbeing. 

You can also sign up for a virtual Mindfulness or Yoga course to be in a group environment online and learn relaxation tools and techniques.

What can I expect?

Your one to one appointment will be a video consultation so that you and your therapist can see each other and talk through the tips and techniques.  Often a simple breathing exercise that we can teach you is a great relaxation tool.

Any device with internet such as a phone, laptop or computer can be used for a video consultation and we will send you the details to access the consultation prior to the appointment.  If you do not have a device that allows this, we can arrange a phone consultation instead.

It is ideal if you can be hands free as that way you can practice the tips together as the therapist talks you through them. 

Similarly we use video conferencing facilities to host a group Mindfulness or Yoga course. The Mindfulness is for up to an hour and a half per week for the duration of the course. Click here to learn more about the benefits of Mindfulness.

How long does it take?

 The one to one appointments usually last up to 30-40 minutes.

After the session we will send you any useful resources that will help you carry on practising the simple techniques at home.

We will also contact you to book follow up appointments with the therapist to see how you are getting on with the guidance given. 

Is it safe?

We will discuss your medical history prior to treatments and ask that you inform us of anything that our therapists should know about such as any areas of pain, thrombosis or lymphedema.

We will teach you non invasive techniques and tips that you can self-administer, however, as with all of our treatments, you can stop the session at any time if you feel uncomfortable or concerned. It’s your treatment, to be experienced your way.  

Our therapists

All of our therapists are fully trained, insured and give their time for free.

As with our face to face service, we invite donations to cover essential items such as equipment to run the service and the cost of paying for training of our volunteers.

Two FREE Complementary Treatments, then a donation of your choice, for those with cancer or within 6 months of treatment, in Berkshire.

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