• “Since the treatment I feel energised, with a sense of calm and wellbeing.”

Reiki (Ray-ki)

Reiki uses energy to promote positive well-being, relaxation and healing.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Energy. It is a spiritual energy that operates at a high and fast vibration flowing through the body and breaking through energetic blockages, promoting positive well-being and healing.

The energy is a holistic healing system with far reaching benefits working on four different levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and is able to give each client exactly what is needed at that time.

What can Reiki help with?

Reiki can safely be used on people of all ages and all physical states.

At it’s very core, reiki will give the recipient a deep state of relaxation. It can also support the relief of many symptoms associated with illness, along with maintaining and promoting continual well-being.

What can I expect?

The client can either sit or lie, fully clothed, either on their back or on their front, whichever is more comfortable. Starting at the top of the head, the Reiki Practitioner will gently place their hands on (or off) the client depending on their preference and in a sequence of hand positions travel across the body feeling the energy as they go. Clients often feedback that they feel warm, sometimes experiencing a calm tingling sensation, a sense of floating and a deep peaceful state.

How long does it take?

Sessions will last up to 45 minutes. You may choose to have a one-off treatment or a course.

We understand that scheduling treatments around other commitments and oncology appointments isn’t always easy, and are flexible when making and amending appointments. We’re here to help you, not be an additional concern.

I’m concerned about…

Reiki is a very safe and gentle holistic therapy with no adverse effects.  You can choose to have reiki without anyone touching you if you would prefer.

You can stop the session at any time if you feel uncomfortable or concerned. It’s your treatment, to be experienced your way.

Our therapists

All of our reiki therapists are qualified to deliver reiki, and have completed training, provided by NHS staff, in the cancer patient pathway. All of our therapists have satisfied the rigorous checking process required to be a volunteer within an NHS hospital.  

They are fully insured, and give their time for free. Donations are used to cover essential items such as continuing professional development of our volunteers, equipment and to pay our essential part-time staff.

*Please note, this is based on anecdotal feedback, and is not a promise that the therapy will give these benefits every time. 

Two FREE Complementary Treatments, then a donation of your choice, for those with cancer or within 6 months of treatment, in Berkshire.

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