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Peter’s story

“In my 85 years I had had no experience of acupuncture. I have now had four treatments. ”

Peter, living with prostate cancer

Here’ is Peter’s story, in his own words. One’s introduction to advanced prostate cancer will be different for each of us as it occurs. I shall only say that when it was diagnosed for me it came as a shock as I had no idea that I had actually been through simple prostate cancer. However, the super staff at Berkshire’s cancer clinic consoled me by saying that I was a prime candidate for hormone treatment which wouldn’t cure anything but stopping my system making testosterone should stop the cancers growing for some considerable time. (At age 85 even 6 months seems considerable but they were talking something into years).

The booklet I was given on living with the hormone treatment was very clear about everything including the side effects so I was not surprised to find myself experiencing ‘hot flushes’ among one or two other minor problems. The hot flushes soon became a major problem as they occurred very frequently, some days I had them hourly and they were embarrassingly severe. A clinic nurse suggested I contacted “My Cancer My Choices” to see if acupuncture would help, I was told that the results of acupuncture were very helpful to at least 50% of those who try it.

In my 85 years I had had no experience of the procedure and to be honest, I harboured some considerable doubts. I have now had four treatments, each process lasting an hour including some detailed discussions and in three of the four I fell asleep for 15/20 minutes. There was a marked change in the frequency and severity of the hot flushes after the first process and right now, I feel disappointed if I have more than 2 bouts per day (and a quick dab with a handkerchief hides all the evidence). I am not sure how many treatments I will need but as I write there has been a 19 day gap since the last procedure and I have not noticed any drop off of the effectiveness. If things stay as they are I shall be a very happy patient.[

If things stay as they are I shall be a very happy patient.

Peter, living with prostate cancer

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