• “I always left feeling much happier and less stressed than when I arrived.”

    Cancer Patient

Tai Chi Fit

Meditation with movement, based on traditional tai chi, to help improve physical and mental wellbeing.

What can tai chi fit help with?

While not a cure or a treatment for cancer, tai chi fit is a very gentle physical exercise that has been found to help with:

Improved balance and coordination, Relaxation, Flexibility and strength, Tiredness and fatigue, Pain and stiffness, Feelings of wellbeing

What is tai chi fit?

Also known as a ‘moving meditation’, tai chi fit is based on tai chi, and is very easy to learn and use at home. It is a physical exercise that combines a series of gentle, slow and graceful movements and stretches with breathing techniques and meditation.

Based on an ancient form of self defence, it’s now widely practiced as a holistic wellbeing-enhancing form of exercise.

What can I expect?

You’ll be asked to bring the completed medical questionnaire, which you should have received when your place was confirmed, to your first session (we will retain and store this securely). At the start of each session your instructor will ask about any changes and check how you’re feeling that day.

Classes are conducted in small groups, typically just 6 participants. You won’t need gym or any other specialist clothing, just loose comfortable clothes, so that you can move freely, and flat shoes (or you can remove your shoes if preferred).

Having practised on a regular basis with a trained teacher, many patients feel empowered to continue practising at home.

How long does it take?

Classes last an hour and the class content is explained at the first session, along with guidance on how to participate. You are always free to just sit and watch if this is best for you.   

How does tai chi fit work?

Concentrating on deep breathing and precise posture has been found to help increase feelings of relaxation while helping to strengthen the body.

There is also evidence that physical activity can be beneficial to those with a diagnosis of cancer.

I’m concerned about…

While tai chi fit is a low-impact exercise, if you have any concerns about doing physical exercise (for instance if you’ve had surgery, or are concerned about scar tissue) it’s best to discuss this first with your instructor. If you’re happy to continue, take this at your own pace, building up gradually over time.

The overall health benefits of exercise, particularly one that’s low-impact, are being increasingly recognised in research programmes.

Our instructor

Our tai chi fit instructor is qualified to teach tai chi fit, and has completed training, provided by NHS staff, in the cancer patient pathway.

All of our instructors are fully insured and give their time for free. Donations are used to cover essential items such as equipment, continuing professional development of our volunteers and to pay our essential part-time staff.

Two FREE Complementary Treatments, then a donation of your choice, for those with cancer or within 6 months of treatment, in Berkshire.

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