As with many charities the Covid-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on our fundraising efforts with the cancellation of events across 2020. 

To celebrate our 5th birthday and help secure our future, we are launching the My Cancer My Choices ‘Giving 5’ sponsorship challenge  to raise £5000, it’s as easy as 1,2,3…………..

Download the sponsorship form here

Step 1

Simply challenge yourself, your family or your friends to undertake an activity based around the number 5. This could be walking 5km, spinning 5 hula hoops, dreaming up your own pentathlon event or even sponsoring others to stay silent for 5 hours, the choice is yours!

Design and decorate 5 plant pots
Wash 5 friends or neighbours’ cars
Step 2

Click on the link below to our overall fundraising page, scroll down and click on “Start Fundraising” You can then personalise your sponsorship form and celebrate your challenge by asking your family and friends to sponsor you.  Create your sponsorship form here.

If you would prefer to raise money offline, please download our ‘Giving 5’ Sponsorship Challenge guide here that includes a sponsorship form.

Get 5 friends to do a 5-hour danceathon
Make or learn 5 TikTok videos and post the evidence
Step 3

Share your challenge on your own Facebook page and upload photos to our Facebook page so that we can showcase your amazing acheivements.

Evidence shows that complementary therapies can make a real difference to the side effects of treatment, and relaxation can have a positive impact on a person’s journey through cancer.

Please help us secure the future of My Cancer My Choices by taking part in our ‘Giving 5” sponsorship challenge. Download our ‘Giving 5’ sponsorship challenge guide here

If you would rather not undertake a challenge and would prefer to just give £5, that would also make a huge difference and you can do this via our “Giving 5” Fundraising page:

If you would like to set up a regular online donation you can do this by clicking on the button below

Do 5 keepy-uppies with 5 different balls
Bake 5 cakes and run a bake sale

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